Sunday, July 26, 2015


Now I could see that whole universe as a perfect balanced system. Just for a moment think about this. The intelligence of nature which nothing can surpass. It is natural intelligence of universe. It is like this. you and I know this universe consist of everything. Almost everything. so why would you think certain things has to be there and certain things doesn't have to be ....It does not exist like that. Now this universe has planets trees animals bacteria etc., also it has murderers, thieves and sadhus sages priests also temples churches and liquor bars and schools. So this system consist almost everything. But it is very centered balanced system. It does not reject anything. I do not say you have to have every thing to be balanced. This is what I understand. Inside us there is a universe. we are also another universe in this universe. so when you are balanced you can handle everything. when you are centered you are not affected. think of this there are factories on earth which sends out sulfur dioxide which is harmful. but we humans as usual inhale exhale. the oxygen percentage is the same. the nature balanced this. of course there are other effects of SO2. but this centered system least affected. When you are awake you see , hear, taste, feel of the touch etc. with these you get affected and loose balance. just be in the center . do not get carried away. there is nothing to get carried away. this temporary life on earth for a short time you come and go. Nothing permanent. This way you do not get stressed or sad. You need to have a total acceptance. first you have to accept your own self totally. next the rest of the world. practice to be balanced. simple way is to start from the physical body as i see. when i sit I feel i'm seated centered. when balanced physically the mental balance is easy. then can go to spirituality. I think like this I (this being) on earth being at the center continuing day to day work. feel happy, excited, loving, whatever the feeling be at the very centre handling the things. You live in a system 100% balanced and why cant you become balanced. Amidst what ever the situation be in the center and handle it. you are least affected and others also least affected.

By : Vindhya Hewavitharana

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