Monday, July 20, 2015


Love is the only way to reach god. When you are full of love have you experienced that everything stops. Time stops mind stops. But your heart works. When your heart filled with love unwanted thoughts doesn't come to you. your focus is on love. nothing else disturbs. Why not continue this state. This is the beginning of compassion. You are born out of love. So your nature has to be love. But with the growth you distance your self with love and fill your heart with negativity. 99% of the people on earth are completely not in their natural state. You need to understand that practicing love directs you to the god. 

Real love is giving only. no expectation of a return. think you pray for god. god loves you. did ever god expect anything in return for the love he has for you. its simple as that. love in its pure nature is unconditional.Love is unconditional. 

Of course this love doesn't mean what you share with your girl friend or boy friend. but its the love comes from deep inside of your heart.  Love is not a relationship at all. It is a state of being. This begins from first you need to love your self before loving anybody else. If someone does not love themselves and says loving others is a damn lie. Only a person who loves himself will love another and also take care of another.

People are mistaken. They love for another person expecting hundred thousand things. where real love does not happen. that cannot be called love.

Therefore If you need to see god through your own eyes. practice love. that is the way. Love is the way to reach god. All your prayers will be answered...

By : Vindhya Hewavitharana  

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