Tuesday, July 21, 2015

People are mistaken

People are mistaken with "Dhamma". The original dhamma preached by Lord Buddha is not what has gone inside people's minds at the present. What Lord Buddha preached and what Jesus has preached is completely different to what people believe in nowadays. 

Lord Buddha and Jesus both said people not do do any action which will bring out harmful effects to any being. In this case tree is also a being. They preached loving kindness. Compassion. what do the Bikkus in the Buddhist temples do today... they develop the materialistic things in the temple and try to attract people. They try to collect money saying different things. That is not the way of serving people. People should be taught to live in a good heart and without any harm to the nature. Why do people steal, why do people tell lies. why would people have multiple partners for sex. This all is due to the mistaken understanding about dhamma. If people are shown the correct way to live. They would not do such things.

So as per my understanding this system need to be changed. The correct message from the divine(god) should reach the people. But this is not a easy process. Do you see when someone start telling the truth and start showing the correct way, majority doesn't believe.

by: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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