Tuesday, July 21, 2015

This moment

This Moment

I would like to express my idea upon "this moment". Because the core reason for my self kept on happiness without a break was this moment. I lived in this moment. I didn't think of future or the past. All I'm is this moment living being. I only live in this moment. When you are connected to this particular moment you feel aliveness , that you are living. Living means you have to feel you are living. So that life force within you is connected to the whole universe. Past means something which has happened . Future is yet to come. But always remember the present create the future. So being happy, and with loving kindness creates your future. so always live the present moment to the fullest. 

I see this as if we live that is only in this moment. We do not live in future or past. We only live in this moment. so that we cannot think of another moment. The ultimate truth is there is no point of thinking about the past. Because past never happen anymore. Its already happened. Future never know how it happens. So we cannot live in future. Only precious moment is this moment where we live. We have to live this moment with full potential. Living to the fullest would make us happy. That happiness is the only truth. Only truth exist in you is this moment.

When you live in the present moment you only have a action thought. You do not have any karma creating thoughts. So that what we need is to focus on the present moment and continue to live. That will keep you happy. This happiness will long last. Also the power of this moment is immense. When you live in now there is happiness, contentment. 

Being happy is not a difficult task. The secret is being in this moment through my own experience.

Only place you can be is this moment here and now. Look aroung with whole hearted gratitude. There are boundless things to be greatful.

by: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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