Saturday, August 29, 2015

Completely being in the present moment

This is one thing I have realized today. Sharing for you to experience the same. Whatever you are doing in this moment completely be in it. May be you are writing,eating, drinking, bathing, talking, touching something , singing,dancing whatever it is completely come to that situation. Then your complete awareness and full attention starts working. Apply this for some work you do results will be 100% fruitful guaranteed. Whether it is physical or spiritual does not matter. Actually when you fully come to present moment what happens is you start seeing reality of the situation you are in. When you become a person like that there will be no reason for you to loose happiness. 

Why majority of people are not happy. They are totally mixed up. Either they take a piece from past , or take a part from future and only physical body being in the present situation. Mind some where else. No wonder they look stressed. 

Talk to yourself honestly and ask where is the past? Where is the future.For these questions answer is It is all in your mind. So what happens is many people cannot concentrate. I would say imagine that you are in a immensely beautiful forest while being there you are thinking about your house in the town. So you cannot experience the complete feeling of beautiful forest. Like that you miss most of the beautiful moments. 

Just put your mind , body and spirit in to what you do in this moment. That is all. Simple. If you are trying to sit in one place and trying to stop mind and experience meditative state. This is beginning step. To go there 1st you should be in present moment. Then actually you are experiencing a kind of a peaceful state.

Majority of people try to  complicate simple things as I see. Because they think unnecessarily too much. Simply if you can  just see the reality what is happening only now .Most people forget to live. Finally they will regret as they haven't lived. Living means fully alive present. That is all.  Then there is less issues. When there is less issues automatically you are happy.

Seriously experience this completely being in the present moment . I'm sure you will experience lots of miracles.  :)

By : VH

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