Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Forgive and Let go

In this life time from the birth up to this moment, every one of us meet so many people. We come across different different persons. We cannot expect every one to be like us. We can never expect every body to treat us kind/generous and in the right way. However we need to live in this world with all these people. By being in the center you can minimize the influence of other people treating you in a bad way.

It is like this you need to practice forgive and let go. If some body do something wrong to you/treat you bad or insult you, just do not get affected. Forgive with whole heart and treat that person nice next time you meet. Let go the incident of ill treatment. However in the beginning it may not be easy. But you can be like that. you have to pass incidents like that , always remember that you are on a journey and these are set of incidents and people you come across. What is the point of hating some one, being angry or jealous about someone? I see as each time you get angry or jealous you are drinking poison and loosing peace and happiness.

If you want to be happy and peaceful forgive the wrong doing people. Make your surroundings not to affect your bliss and peace. Even accidentally if you meet some one who will scold you, steal from you or insult you /treat you bad or whatever , use intelligence. What ever they do they have to take and go. You are here to spread love and compassion. You should not get affected by those kind of incidents.

We are all travelling souls . This life is one place you chose to stay for a short period of time. During this stay rather than enjoying the trip what people do is generating karma. 

The best example is this earth. Think of it. You spit on earth, you put poison on earth, you cut down trees, firing forests, kill other beings. If earth remember all these ill treatment incidents of each person. Can the earth survive. It forgives all of us. 

Even people go near god and they confess on what they did. God forgives. God/divine loves all of us equally. By forgiving others you are making your self free. People who hate other people , keep on remembering ill treatments others did are the people who carry heavy burden. Release burden and be free happy and peaceful.

By: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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