Thursday, August 6, 2015

Life - Aliveness

People engage in so many activities that makes them feel alive. The feeling of life force within you is amazing. When you feel alive you forget the rest of the world and in that feeling like you are living and mind does not get involved. I'm unable to put in to words exactly this feeling . But almost every one of us know this. But for most people aliveness exist in only certain parts of body. Their experience of aliveness is limited. But the life force,aliveness exist in each and every where in our body. Of course due to some parts are more sensitive than other places you may feel it more on those. However the life force is almost allover your body.

When you feel living, you are happy, contented and at a bliss. People try  to experience this life force /aliveness in various ways.  Those will be like some people when they take alcohol they feel alive, when they see a scenery , when inhale some good fragrance, some when they eat some delicious food, some when they are with the woman/or man they like, some when they go to a certain place, or when they watch their favorite  programme on tv,some when they meditate or exercise etc. So in various ways people try to feel aliveness. 

Can you imagine this aliveness exist every time in you. How would you feel....You will be at a complete bliss. Your energy would be at a higher level.

I would say for certain people even they live for years and years they have no such experience as life/living. They have never ever had felt living. We all came on a journey to earth with a life, experiencing life force/aliveness  is a most beautiful experience we all have to experience in this life. Engage in things which make you happy and alive. When keep on practicing the same, your life will be beautiful.

Once you feel living, you understand all other beings are also living. You would understand what life is .Humans , animals, trees all consist of life force. When you see this, your existence will never be a harm to any other living creature/ non living object. You will know that you are just a very tiny dot in this existence. 

When you know that you are just a merely a strand in this universe. You will respect every life on earth. 

By: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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