Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I whole heartedly believe that every person who is on a journey on spiritual path or who has come to certain point of realization , naturally their religion becomes "Love" and "Compassion". They realize the nature how things happen. So he or she /those beings really respect every religion.

About Buddha I see the most purest & supreme being  emerged on earth and who realized complete insight in to cause of suffering + the way of eliminating the suffering. The wisdom and infinite compassion shared among humans cannot be described by few words. The most supreme being I have come across in this life time is Buddha. Who found state of supreme liberation. Any being can achieve this.

When think of Jesus its all about Love he shared and the kindness towards humans. When go to church you get this feeling of loving kindness. I have experienced it every time at the church. When look at the Jesus my heart fills with overflowing loving kindness. 

Buddha or Jesus never preached us to form groups saying this religion that religion. 

When it comes to me in this life born as Buddhist I have been to Buddhist temples so many times and also  been to Christian churches less than that . Also been to Hindu kowil several times. I have closely associated all major four religion people in this country. Ultimately in this path when you realize all religions have come to this earth for the well being of people. Where people have added so many things they want to what the real religion says and ultimately it has become a separation method of people. Which is really wrong.

Respect every religion.Take whatever best you can take from all.Follow what heart says and you will treat everyone equal. 

By: V H

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