Saturday, August 22, 2015

There are two kinds of people in this society

In this society we live, we can recognize two kinds of people very clearly. Now you can decide which category you are in....and which category you want to be....

1st Category : When we meet this category people they ask us what kind of help and support they can give to us. How can they make us smile and happy  and share what they have with us . It doesn't have to be something expensive. A kind word and a generous smile is much enough..... But they never have return expectations like for example "I did this so for that I want this" . This thought is not with them.

The above category people are very rare people. From my child hood I have practiced this quality....also as a reaction I have met these category people in this life time and I'm very thankful.

2nd Category : These are the people who are all over this society. May be 95% of people I would say falls to this category. When we meet them what they think is ah what kind of use they can take from us. What kind of benefits, profits, materialistic things like can they can get ... that's how they think. Because of these kinds of people are frequent in the society people are more in to getting than giving.

I tell you an example. People say a man and woman get married because of love. Of course in many cases it is true. But you know generally the way how human mind works. Within a very short period generally mind gets fed up and expect more and more. With many people no balance. So after a while these men and women fight .... most cases they ask from each other? what did you bring when you got married ah? and the other one says what did I get  from you ha... like that. So do you think they have true love/real feelings. They talk about what they can get from each other, instead of giving and sharing. Its a joke right how people act ....

Now think have you heard those men and women say what can I give for you? no ... most cases it is not. This all they do for benefits they can get. No intention of giving or sharing.

Please try to understand this. We have got a human life and came to this earth for a short period. In this long journey we travel, this is just one stop on this planet. Do not try to get things from others instead try to share love and kindness. Help others. Of course you will be happy.

You will have courage to stand on your own feet. You will not fear anything .You will be genuine and happy person. you will be a blessing. Even if people do not recognize you that is no matter. Be a person of giving ......

But I tell you a secret also. Every action has a reaction and consequences are following all your actions. So when you become a person of giving automatically you get also, the universe responds. Even if not get anything you have the bliss in heart. What is mostly lacking in this planet is people not happy. So by giving you become happy. you contribute to the well being.

by: VH

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