Thursday, August 27, 2015

Travelling Centered

As I see this moment, open the eyes and see the world. You will see as a common incident that most things and most people are either in a side. For example either in the right or left. But rarely can see the centered ones. 

Do you see the reason behind this.

The major percentage in this world is to drag you to a side. But you have to be intelligent enough to be in the center. Sometimes you may face an incident you will get dragged and dragged to a innermost core of a thing/being. Means too much attachment+too much attracted. The other way also can happen. For a thing/being who has treated you bad, you might go deeper and deeper in hatred. 

You always need to practice not to get caught for both. Both may lead you towards sorrow.

This is a careful journey I would really say. You and me only trying to find the center and travel in the center. All others/rest of the world are in a corner. Either they are attached/attracted or they hate. 

We need to be very loving. Actually I will say love is the beginning of compassion. "Full of real love" actually that state cannot be put in to words. To realize compassion 1st you need to love. You have to enjoy every moment. Feel alive, exited , blissful etc. However All these incidents you pass through, do never let your self to be fallen or dragged.

My Spiritual Guru once told me about a universal theory. Every thing which comes to the center will always go higher. And the same thing applies to ourselves.

When you come to the center every experience you are passing through will not influence you. Your eyes are made to see the uttermost beauty, Your ears are made to hear the perfect melodious tones, your nose is made to smell the best fragrance, your tongue is to taste the most delicious food and your body is to feel the divine touch. All these are there to fully experience.

But never get carried away with  anything. Because there is nothing to get carried away. Everything is an experience and you are travelling passing all that.

Make your journey to travel centered. Way to be at bliss every moment.Can try this amidst every experience .

By: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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