Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ultimately when you go

Ultimately when you go you cannot take the house you built, your vehicle, property , your parents, spouse , children or anything. That journey you will have to go alone. No body can accompany with you in that journey. 

Still what you, yourself did during this lifetime on earth matters. Whether you lived happy, whether you helped others or whether you stole others things, whether you spread compassion or hatred. Therefore your mind, heart, and the soul within this life time matters. Because you are continuously travelling. The physical body may die and become the earth in this life. But the soul travels.

That may be the reason when people are  becoming old they go to temples and churches frequently than when they were young. I feel that then it is too late. This is something can be practiced since when you were a child. 

Do not try to build relationships with people to get something from them. Mostly the marriages in society happens that way. They do not really love. But they want the benefits and the wealth which belong to the other person. If you really love someone, you do not expect anything from them. Love is only giving. No return expectations.

It is like this we all have a conscience and a soul. All what you do is recorded. And the karma returns. Actions are followed by the consequences. No body can escape from this.

Than concerning too much about the materialistic things, do contribute to the happiness, well being and compassion on this planet. You will have the guts to walk straight and even when you go from this life time.You will not feel guilty about stealing anything from others and building up your life. Never leave sorrow near any one. But always leave a smile. If a past deed made a tear in someones eyes, today this moment you can make it a smile on their face. 

Share life, happiness and joy , do things together. But in order to build your own life on this earth never ever take anything by hurting anyone. Your life in your hands.

Ultimately when you go, you will be at bliss.

By: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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