Saturday, August 22, 2015

What we are made out of + Our qualities

When it comes to this topic, even though I have realized this ....The original words and who made me realize regarding this is my Spiritual Guru. Therefore I would like to write about this as quoted and also ......As always I express my heart felt gratitude to my Master.

""You and me both knows that we are made out of five elements. Those are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Not only us the mountains, trees, all other animals, rivers, volcanoes all the stuff on earth made out of this  five elements. So what does this mean? This means that we all are consist of the qualities of these five elements.

Now for a moment think about one element. We take water...a river... River made out of water. how we can use the river.....we can drink water,  have a bath, wash our selves,spit to the river,pee to the river and mix harmful chemicals to the river etc. What ever the way you take use from the river does the river say anything to you?  No. But according to the way you use the element consequences are following.

Also never forget this..... the same water we use to drink can come and destroy us as floods. Also you may die by sinking in the river. 

Also you can use the fire element for cooking and to lighten a dark room, burn a incense stick etc .... but from the same fire you can get burnt and die. 

The air gives you oxygen to inhale and if a cyclone comes what happens you get destroyed. 

So all these are possibilities with these elements. You should know the correct way of dealing with these elements. When you know you only get what you want. 

So this is the nature... the same thing / the same element according to how you use it obtain the result.

If we humans made out of these elements. Do you understand that we have the same qualities which are with these five elements.

Therefore from zero to the infinite... these qualities are within us. So what I and you can do is to come to the center.....good qualities and bad qualities 50%, 50% contains in all these elements and when you in the center automatically the control over these elements are on your hands. So you will never do destructive  or harmful things. 

Ultimate solution is finding the balance. The center. When five elements are balanced. You are balanced. When you are balanced you are in the center.  ""

To be continued....

Original words by: my spiritual guru

Note: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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