Saturday, September 19, 2015

Become a light among the blind

When you see the injustice, corruptions, destruction happening all over and mostly people talk about it. Also media over and over spread  the news regarding the same .......a feeling comes what kind of a world  are we living. What a shame. Yes true.

Of course this is not a world that tender like we lying on a layer of rose buds. 

This must be the situation of the atmosphere in this moment. We all have to be very aware and extra careful about living. May be we are passing a time like this.

This is a land where almost all the people preach and talk about dharma, and temples/bodhis, churches, kovil are located abundantly. But the truth is.... are the people getting real meaning of what all the religions say.It is not. In a land like this there can be no lying,cheating, crimes nothing. But the opposite happens?

The reason could be people's mentality. People have forgotten their physical needs. People do not live in the reality. Almost all are in a deep sleep with a dreamy mind. 

What controls the mentality of people in a huge percentage is what they see/hear/feel most.Through anything frequently being shown, heard or felt for the people addiction happens. This addiction is blind. When this blindness covers up the reality/light humans act like beasts/ they forget they are humans.

A single word, deed or a thought for the wellness living is essential at this time. Our contribution is very much needed. 

The people who live by dharma protected by dharma. That is a universal truth.

By being aware we will not get caught in these addictions. Even though every where we see the people doing wrong, we will only do the right. 

In this time period people walk blind. They cannot see the reality. You and I can become a light and make a difference. 

By: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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