Saturday, September 5, 2015

Being more Free, Happy, Loving and Contented

What every person expect is to be more happy, free ,loving and contented. For this to happen one thing  you have to have is good qualities. You need to be genuine,truthful, sharing, caring, loyal and compassionate etc. Still these qualities also need to be balanced. Being wise you will know how to have these qualities within you.

By being spiritual, every way you become successful. Job wise, marriage life wise, health wise and social life wise etc every way you will master by becoming a balanced, centered being. Because you will know how to maintain happiness throughout your life. You will be more pleasant too.

Majority of people misunderstand these things. By becoming a person who practice spiritualism does not mean that you cannot get married , have children, have a good love relationship, living in a luxury house, wearing nice clothes , being gorgeous , travelling all around the world etc. All these things are possible.That is what you/me need to realize. 

Buddha preached the way towards complete happiness. And preached the middle path. In other words this middle path is the center/the balance what we talk about. Middle path is the way.

The world require more happy and loving/compassionate people. For this to happen your/my contribution even from a thought or word/action means a lot. 

Every where in the world in different ways people tell the way of being happy and contented. So this contribution is to increase more happy people with compassionate heart. When people are happy and loving they do not try to harm anyone or anything. So the peace and harmony naturally occurs.  Then people start sharing and caring. When this happens many problems in this world will vanish. 

It may take time for our contributions to bear fruit. Still some day it definitely happens. Therefore  first you become a person of happiness and love and start sharing it. Ultimately this the world would be a nicer place for every one .

By: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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