Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Creation is Love

The whole existence is made out of love nothing else. When look around, you and I can notice this fact is the truth. Every being is born/created out of love. Love has given birth to all living things. So the existence is created in love. When you go deeper in to understanding, the only real thing exist is also love.

Almost everyone need love. They all look for it. Why would every one look for love because the fact should be we all are created out of love. In front of love everything stops.
That may be the reason in ancient books it is written that god is love. When think of the concept of god, he cares for us all, loves us all, saves us, helps us etc. The creator which people believe the whole existence is a creation of him may be this infinite love.

Creator is love. In other words love is god. Love is the state of our being. That is why the word “god” and word “love” goes together. Love is the life of soul. When you are full of love you get a godly feeling. Love is the only real thing on the earth.
When someone is full of love, the happiness, freedom and peace is overflowing. The way towards god and way towards permanent bliss is love. Nothing else. Love is the beginning of compassion.

A person who really love himself or herself knows how to love the other person. Every being who realized the true meaning of love started loving himself/herself first. It is the beginning. After knowing how to love own self can spread this love among the others.

By: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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