Monday, September 7, 2015

Freedom and Happiness

You and I both have our own limitations. Means whatever happens in the outside world that means whatever the external conditions available, you should not let your inside get affected. In other words you should not lose your happiness and freedom because of anyone or anything. If something becomes a reason for you to lose your own happiness, peace and freedom there are two options you can follow. Either you can walk away or you can change the environment according to your requirements without harming anyone/anything.

Do not let anybody or anything to exceed your limitations up to the level which you will lose the peace and happiness & freedom. Most important thing is living the life you have got according to the way you want. That manner you/I will be happy and free.

These limitations also can be different to one another. The way people see happiness and freedom also is in different views. Therefore what we have to understand is setting your own limitations also need to be done with no harm to anyone or anything.

It’s all about having guts. Even how much you have realized regarding the way of being happy. Still storms can come to you. Not to get lost amidst the storms coming.... finding your own balance and center is the way.

You might be unhappy due to many reasons. Still you have the power of changing it. It can be the place you live, the job you do, the friends you have,the relatives or anything. Do not let anything /anyone to influence your inner being. You/Me should never lose happiness and freedom for anything. Do what you like, what makes you happy and continue to live. But should never harm any other being or a thing for your happiness.

By: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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