Wednesday, September 2, 2015

God and Evil

In this world God and Evil both exist.Actually as I feel half god and half evil. You would have seen that there are people who has more godly qualities and there are people who has more evil qualities. The society notice and categorize them as good and bad. 

Still this evilness and the godliness is within each and every person as well. The humans has the capacity of going higher and also below. The higher is heavenly qualities and below is evil qualities. This is one of the special attribute humans has. 

The existence/universe support both. That is where you have to be very careful and decide which side you have to be. It is like this for a certain time who had godly qualities can be turned in to evil. Also a person who had been very evil can be turned in to a godly person. Actually for these kind of things to happen many external factors influence.

We cannot expect the all people in this world to be god like. Then it cannot be the human world. This status must be in heaven. (Means if all the people are god like) . Also all the people are not evil also. If all the people are evil the world will be the hell.Not the Human world.

Therefore we need to accept this heaven/god and hell/evil both exist in this world. By accepting the nature of this world we can maintain ourselves in the center.

This both forces are trying to influence each other. So when you live a life of godliness the evil may try to affect you. That is how the system is built. Be very aware and maintain full consciousness. So that you will not get caught.

Every moment practice to be in the center. That is the way towards complete happiness and peace.

By: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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