Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lotus and Mud

A Lotus cannot be without mud.  If mud doesn't exist Lotus cannot exist. That is why we should go very deep in to life before finding the permanent bliss. This is why Lord Buddha would have told keep looking at yourself. You will see the whole universe in yourself.

We cannot separate anything from one another. A lotus blooms in mud. Who likes mud? of course no one will like mud. when we think of mud we do not get a very pleasant feeling.

What about the lotus. Every one likes the lotus. When think of lotus oh my god we feel very pleasant. 

For a moment think can the lotus exist without mud. Answer is cannot. This is the reality. You need to understand that every lotus comes out of mud. But lotus never smears with mud.

You will have to be in the muddy water for a time period. For the beautiful lotus flower to blossom. This is similar to what we go through in life. We may be going through many hard ships, many troubles . 

Every experience comes to you / what ever you go through you are being experimented. You are being examined. In a situation/hard ship the processes you got to go through, in the end you your self facing the consequences. You alone have to reap the harvest.No one is there to face the hard ships on your behalf. 

Most people are afraid of hard ships and to face suffering.  But this can be the mud which helps the lotus to grow.

All these troubles/hard ships comes to you, make them the mud for the lotus to grow. 

Nothing exist without the opposite. For me this is like the lotus and the mud. But this is also like you need to be careful, never get stuck with the mud. We should learn to grow with this mud.

Every problem, every trouble, every hard ship comes to you take it as the mud for the lotus to blossom. Never give up.

By: Vindhya hewavitharana

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