Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Money cannot buy every thing

If  money  is everything,  all the rich  people in this world should be the happiest people in the world. But do  you see any connection between happiness and money. Of course can agree that  people who has lots of money may be living comfortable lives. But that does not mean to be happy you need money.

You can never buy happiness and freedom for money.

Are all rich people in this world contented? I have read an interesting story recently about  world’s richest man Andrew Carnegie.  Since it has a  real message for all of us I will write it here. One day Andrew Carnegie  was walking on a street and he met a beggar. He asked  the beggar why you are like this. The beggar was laughing   and said do you know who am I? Andrew replied no.  The beggar said  I’m the one who wrote and published a book called “100 ways of becoming rich”. Andrew was extremely surprised.  He asked so why are you like this.    The beggar answered this is the 101 method of becoming rich and I’m using it. But it is not written in the book. Also when ask whether Andrew was happy,   the answer he gave was he has not achieved his target yet.

This story says many things to us. Money is not everything. In the end what matters is whether you have been happy throughout your life. Whether you lead a life with contentment. Going after money and losing your happiness is stupid.  Majority of us think money is everything and running on a continuous race.

Happiness, freedom and contentment are not results of money. But results of realizing the true nature of this world. We are the creator of our life. Therefore our own happiness is also need to be created by us.

By: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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