Sunday, September 13, 2015

People and Desciplines

When you live in this world you need to have the following in your mind. 

How much education, money, high caste, positions and popularity some one have , if his or her words and deeds are unclean that person cannot be virtuous.

So that we can never expect disciplines from people who only has above attributes. Education, richness, high caste, positions and popularity  are not the values of humanity. Still those people can be very much undisciplined. 

People who has no disciplines and noble qualities, can do anything bad and harmful to other people .Generally we believe Lions, Tigers, Serpents are dangerous. But the truth is those animals cannot kill humans in large numbers. Those animals come to harm humans only if we make them frightened or for their hunger....

But if a human being become undisciplined/badly behaved he or she can destroy a a house, a village, a province or even a country. Of course humans can destroy the whole world even. At present  society and even when we look at the past society this is a clear fact. Corruptions , crimes, murders, robberies done by humans against humans.

This is the truth.

Still the same human can become a saint, God or goddess, Arhat even a Buddha. So that they make this world a nicer place to live for all other humans.

This is why Buddha said for forty five years in his dharma preaching , for humans to have disciplines in their words , deeds and actions. For that you do not need to go to temple and  learn the whole bible or thripitaka & abbhidharma.

Mind is like a camera. words and thoughts is the tape runs in the camera.

Therefore we all need to have good thoughts words and deeds and humanity towards others.

By: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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