Thursday, September 24, 2015

See the reality of incidents

We all when live in this world passing through many incidents. All what we got to face and comes in our way are incidents. Ultimately the set of incidents we are passing through become our life. See all this as incidents and you will never get affected.

Also do not think and loose the clarity in mind due to what the other people think and how they react over these incidents. Because the most people when they hear, see, feel something, according to their opinions creating a story over the real situation.

Be straight forward and 100% honest to your self. I'm writing everything here based on what I realize on my own at this moment. So that what I believe is gossips does not long last. Truth is powerful than gossips. But you must remember that many people in this world like to listen to lies than truth. All these gossips are set of words created by set of people adding their opinions.So what we must keep in our mind is this is the nature. 

That is how most people are being caught up and living life according to what is being advertised and shown in media. The reality is far away from them. In the end they have not lived the original life they got.

You do not have to be 100% honest and speak all the truth with every one you meet on your way. That does not work. It is not wise. Because if you do that, the majority of people in this society will take all your belongings including your self and make money over it.

Every one are not like you and me. When I know what life is, how the feelings are and what is the nature and what is humanity, we never do anything  harmful to the other person.

Basically when something happens we need to become intelligent enough to see the reality of the situation. Then we will know to be least affected from anything happens.

What ever comes in front, what ever the incident you pass through see the reality and keep your inside safe from any external influences.

By: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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