Monday, October 5, 2015

Light to the darkness.....

For a moment think of darkness. Can you fight with it? When darkness comes the only way to overcome it is lighting up a small candle. In other words bring a light in. That is the only way to vanish the darkness.

When you have lit a candle and lighten up your inside, you will always be in light.

In this path which you and I are going on we meet certain feelings like aloneness at times. Because when you see the reality and nature of many things you will be more likely to look inside yourself than looking at external things. So you meet this feeling of aloneness. Remember we came to this world alone. Also we will be going alone when we die.

So expecting a company physically or mentally all the time  is unnatural. But you see there are so many people that they cannot be alone even for a short time. The reason may be they themselves do not like their own company. They are boring to their own selves.Some day you need to experience the bliss, peace and the interesting feeling of your own company. When you go deeper in to your own self you meet your own self. This may be one junction we pass. 

But we cannot be stuck in to any inner or external thing. Like the river we need to flow. 

My Spiritual Guru once told me that when there is an opportunity and a possibility to see and experience the whole universe inside yourself why would you lose your self for small piece of materialistic thing. This is exactly true. 

What ever comes in your or my way we should not fight. Fighting means pressure. Let everything be. That is peaceful. Still Like the river you keep on going.

Trying to fight or change anything makes you loosing peace. Accept everything as it is. But be wise enough to take decisions which way you need to go.

When you have the light inside you will not feel the darkness. 

One more thing is that in this world every living human comes from same source. What I experience what you experience we all have same feelings. We are all humans. Everyone likes love, everyone dislike pain, loneliness etc.  Every one feel angry and almost all the people have desires. So we all are the same. 

We need to realize that if we have light inside us the darkness outside does not matter. So that we will not keep on scolding and corrupting over selves by  the darkness what other people hold. 

You will always be in the light. 

By: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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