Sunday, October 11, 2015

Look at your self & make a differnce

People are frequently interested in other people's stories. Very fewer people are interested in their own story. Just look carefully . Most people talk about others. Its like how others live, how others eat, what clothes they wear, with whom they are with etc. How much time is wasted in your life thinking of others regarding what they do.

Two thirds of life time wasted for other people's business. After look back people have not spent time for them selves. You talk , you eat , you sit and you live according to the way the other people want you to be.Not what you want. In the end you will regret. 

For a moment think how much conditioned you are. These conditions set by other people or things in your life. It may be  gone up to the level if you do not read the newspaper in the morning or if you miss a favorite TV program just a single day you will be upset during the whole day. The habits control you.

Looking at what you do is a real interesting thing.Kind of a meditation like thing .Keep looking at your self. Look at what you doing. That will make you realize your own self. If need to know others 1st you need to look at your own self.

If you ever wish the world to be a better place for every one to live look at your self make the change you wish to see.

By looking at your own self you will be aware of who you are. You will know what you really want and create the life you intend to.

By: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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