Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Negativity can be transformed

Over the years which means for a long period of time you/me and all of us has been ingesting toxins like fear, anger, lust, greediness, jealousy etc instead of love.

The reason is we have touched all these things without being aware/mindful. 

That is why most people are filled with these poison and depressed ,worried and always at war.

If we become aware .............only loving kindness will reign in our hearts. All of us will become compassionate towards every other person.

In life at least once we all would have experienced fear, anger and sorrow. However these kind of negativity can be eliminated and transformed in to love, happiness, peace.

Detoxification can be taken place by being very aware of what is happening inside and around us.

Meditation helps to overcome sorrow, depression, unhappiness.

I would say we all should start meditating at least a few minutes every day. May be from today we can start.

You do not have to make a big effort for this.It is just that in the beginning when you are walking know you are walking, when eating know that you are eating. Means be in the present always. Naturally you are in a kind of meditative state.

After initiated the process by being aware and being in present we can gradually  experience the bliss and peace.

You /me need to touch the refreshing and healing elements like love, kindness, peace etc.

Instead of war and pressure you can bring peace and bliss in to your self by being aware and through meditation.

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