Thursday, October 15, 2015

Our thoughts and what is reality

Humans have the capacity of creating stories. I see many people like to create stories which are not true/real and to believe them. For them the story and the thoughts are real than the real situations. They always forget what the reality is. Thoughts cover the feelings. People hear and see what they want. Not the actual meaning. 

Very rarely a person with a clear mind can be met. They are the people who can look at the other people/things without a judgment. The majority keeps something in their minds and looking at others and listening to others. So they miss the real situation.

Now the real meaning of the mind is working like a smart mobile phone is understood by myself. My Spiritual Master made me realize this some time back. Actually mind works in the same way like a smart phone. If you have a smart phone it is very easy for you to realize how mind works. Pure mind is like the operating system. The Apps downloaded from different sources are like what human mind has downloaded from external environment. 

The education, family, associates, religion, concepts, habits, conditions are creating apps in your mind which is different to one another.

The final outcome which comes to mind as a thought is filtered by all the applications /externally installed programs .

Consider a set of people and their different mentalities. We cannot blame them for what they think. Because their thoughts are filtered by the apps downloaded by their own. These apps vary to one another. So if we take several people, each person’s thoughts are very different to one another.

The resistance for you /I for maintaining a clear mind is huge.

The nature of majority of humans in the present society is their minds are full of applications. You know what happens too many applications downloaded in to your phone. The phone will be memory full and always stuck. Same way the people who has downloaded many apps cannot think clearly or see clearly. In some people many applications are being downloaded. In some people it is less. 

There is nothing to be upset or sad about what others think or be sad about what they think.  Also never go to blame any one and spoil yourself. This all is  there to realize true nature of humans. 

If you/I have a clear mind we can see the things and people clearly. 

By: Vindhya Hewavitharana

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