Saturday, October 17, 2015

We are on a trip

You /me and all others have come for a trip to this world. We are travelling and this world is one destination. Every born person die. This is really a journey. 

We consist of mind , body and soul.

For us to come to this human world we are given a vehicle and a driver. The vehicle is our body. Do you know who the driver is. Mind is the driver. Real you is your soul.

For the soul to travel the mind is given as a driver and body is given as a vehicle. Driver should look after the vehicle. And you as the owner of mind and body can command what to do.

Now think............ there are no two equal beings in this world. All are different to one another. My vehicle is different to yours......My driver is different to yours. Like wise we have different vehicles and different drivers and we are on different journeys.

Now you understand being jealous or angry about another person's journey is stupid right?

When you are going in your car do you let the driver to take you to where he wants to go or you tell him where to go? Ask from your self.  Or you let the driver start the vehicle and let the vehicle travel in his own? No way.

Who has the privilege to decide which journey you need to go? You need to decide what to do, where to go , how to go etc. Not the driver.

Mind is always tripping. It says thousand and one stories to us. This that and the other thing. This is good, that is bad, want that, do not want etc. And it takes you to different different places. If you go on every journey where your mind takes you to, you will end up lost and insane. That is why we should not let the driver to take us. We should command the driver in which direction where to take the vehicle.

This way , you will be on your real journey. Take your destiny in to your hands. You can always adjust. If you do not like something or some one you have the privilege to change it.

Why most people are unhappy is they have given the driver to take all decisions and they are going where driver wants to. So they are  not on their journey .Result is they are never happy.

Why would people have hundreds and hundreds of problems? They don't do what they feel. Instead doing what the mind says.

One thing is in which ever the way you continue your journey, never harm any one or any thing. 

The purpose for you to exist in this world need to be decided by you.Which profession you want to engage, which person you should marry, where to live, what sort of people should be around  you .......all are your choices.

 Your choices and consequences.

Enjoy, celebrate every moment. Be on your real journey. Be the creator of your destiny. 

What ever the way contribute to the well being of this world. 

When you on your real journey you receive over flowing god blessings too.


What do you think?

It’s your turn.

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