Tuesday, October 27, 2015

When lake is without waves......

You/me and all of us has been running for thousands of years on a continuous race. Actually without stopping.

Now this moment... stop for a while and touch the wonders of this present moment. It is refreshing. Actually for us to stop we do not need to have a struggle at all. Its just allowing ourselves to be. 

What has happened is majority of people are dreaming. In other words they are keeping on thinking of a goal. And running. They all are committed to a certain idea of  happiness which they think will happen in future. But it is an idea only. Which is a mind made illusion. If you also dreaming of some thought you are never at peace.  That is why we need to practice  stopping.

Stop means you completely be in present. That is all. That is refreshing.

It is like,
When the waves of lake are calm....The surface of the waters are calm without the waves....The full moon in the sky reflects in it. The lake does not have to run for moon. Moon enters...

Being in present is meditative...refreshing and peaceful.

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