Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Your life is your responsibility

In this life you need to understand that you only go forward....there is no going backward. Can you go back to your history....your past... the decisions and choices you have made in the past ....can you reverse them?

Say that you have passed your school time. Can you go back to that age and live there. Impossible.

We all were born as baby , then a child, then a youngster.... like wise we go on. Towards forth.

From birth to death we are on a journey forth. If once you missed a opportunity in the past, that does not mean another opportunity will not come in future. Look around and you will see endless opportunities and possibilities. 

Remember that every problem or trouble comes to you as a opportunity. It opens doors for you to find a new way... face a challenge. Stop worrying and take things in a positive manner.

Every person, every incident you come across you are passing them and going forth. In our life some people/incidents bring us pleasure,peace and happiness, some people/incidents make us sad, some might make us angry or jealous.

If you pass incident which made your heart filled with joy. That is nice. But in case if you feel angry, sad or jealous. I would say it is poisonous.

Being angry or jealous towards another being really mean........... you are drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. But ultimately what happens is........... the poison of anger and jealousy will kill your inside gradually.

Keep happy no matter what. Keep in peace no matter what goes on around you. Be strong and wise enough to find where the balance is. That is the secret of happiness and peace.

There is nothing to think that you are a big person. We all are tiny dots in this universe. The more humble you become. You are in the happiness.

If you talk to people you will see many people say what ever happened in their life was caused by another person and they always point the finger to other. Which is a damn lie. You cannot blame anybody for what happens to you. Your life is your responsibility. You should take care of your self. No body can live your life on your behalf.

I tell you example. Think you are walking on a road. At a distance you see a drunken man coming towards with a sword...... Also you notice no one else is on the road. What would you do? You can either turn and find another way to go..... or  you can stupidly walk towards this man.

If you make a stupid decision to go towards this unconscious man..... and if you get cut by the sword. Can you blame the drunken man? or fault is yours. You went knowingly about danger... Your choices and accordingly consequences.

For any reason you cannot blame for another person for your life. Your life is your responsibility. No one is responsible about your own life than you.

The moment you take responsibility for everything in your own life, is the moment you get the power of changing anything in your life. :)

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