Saturday, November 28, 2015

Closer to the heart .....

Be closer to the heart. That is where the love starts. Love is the beginning of every spiritual journey. Compassion starts from love.  

Open up the heart and you will know it has a direct connection with this universe. The reality is connected with the heart. 

We are given a mind to conduct day to day work. Because without the mind we are not able to perform any task. But mind is not the boss. Its we ourselves should tell the mind what to be done.

The love is being felt in the heart. It is boundless. There is no boundaries for the love. The waves of love spread every where.

People always talk about changing the world. In order to change the world we need to change our selves. If we wish love and compassion everywhere.... first we need to contribute for that.

The heart has a big capacity. What is being felt in the heart is felt within the every cells of body. If our heart is always in love the whole chemistry happen within our body become love.

The love can happen to us in many ways. There is no specific way for it to occur.Once happen it never leaves us.

My experience is by closely associating the Sage, my spiritual guru and living the life accordingly love blossomed in the heart. Like how  a lotus blossom.....In the dawn when the sun light touches a lotus bud ..... how a lotus flower gradually blossom.... the same way love happens in the heart.

I remember a famous saying which is universal and I realize perfectly true. Sharing below for all of us.

"Buddha was not a Buddhist, Jesus was not a  christian, Mohammed was not  a Muslim..... All their religion was LOVE"


Monday, November 23, 2015

Continue to be happy........

We should let our emotions to flow. Emotions control our thinking, behavior and actions. Emotions affect our physical body.. The same way our physical body affects feelings and thoughts.  

If we ignore, dismiss or repress our  emotions, we are setting ourselves up for physical illness.  Emotions that are not felt and released but buried within the body can cause serious illnesses; examples could be cancer and arthritis.

For every emotion there is a chemical reaction in our body. We all have felt this. When we are happy and in peace how our bodies know the chemistry happen within us being felt. Similarly when we feel sad or worry our body react different.

This reaction for emotions such as fear, anxiety, negativity and depression are very different and harmful. That is why it is very important to be smiling, happy, contented and loving.... Then the chemicals released from the body is different.

The body cannot lie. It is always indicating the real truth...... we all should know that.

We all need to make a decision to live in peace, at peace with ourselves. Also at peace with others. The best thing would be to avoid the situations that will create conflict and make us upset.  

Believe me............. you cannot change others, you can only change yourself. 

The only person who can change what I feel is myself. No one else. Likewise the only person can change your self is you.No one else.

No material possession can remove or release our emotions. A brand new car, a new cell phone or a new land may temporarily make us happy. But any of these things cannot change how we feel. Our emotions remain within us until we release them.

Taking care of ourselves is the greatest way we can love ourselves in a complete and healthy manner. 

And this means accepting our emotions as it is. Letting them never make them stuck within you. Remember, emotions are not good or bad.  They just are. 

Continue to be happy...maintain peace within and all around. 

As always....... balance is the way. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Past, Present and Future

The life we all have got can be full of different situations which change time to time. 

If you/me can be in the present moment here and now then the possibility of getting lost in the regrets of past and worries about the future is very less.

This does not mean that we are escaping from the life responsibilities. But keeping ourselves balanced in this moment. If you and me can look at the past by being in the present moment there could be many things for us to realize. / can gain insights about many things.

Our actions which we have done in the past has become our belongings today. Can any one escape from the consequences of own actions? This is like you are on a field of your own actions and consequences.

We all need to keep smiling, peaceful and happy no matter what situations we are going through. By doing this not only you and me but others around are benefited. If we ever wish peace for the place where we live, this is the initial basic step for that.

You/ me need to become persons of understanding. Then you will not blame, you will not start reasoning, no arguments....... but understanding. When become a person of understanding you look at every one with the eyes of love and compassion.

Our mind goes in to thousand directions at a time. Always either past, present or future. There are plenty of chances that you/me can get lost in any of this. That is why the concept "here and now" has such importance.

Past, present and future is here. When you look at yourself now all these three can be seen. 

The results of what ever the actions conducted in the past is what you own in the present. If you feel you need something different you can change your actions.

If someday if you see your own life story from the beginning to now as a movie in front of you, I'm sure you will realize what karma is.

Plant the seeds of happiness, love and compassion. The fruit will be profitable to everyone.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Every problem is plenty of options

We come across plenty of reasons to be unhappy and that is why you/ me need to be very strong to face this life. 

Practice to see the positive side of every happening. So that we do not get lost in the storms that comes to us.

Life is all about balancing situations. Nothing elseWe cannot escape from the things happening. Still believe me if you have lost a opportunity that means a better arrangement than that is coming ahead. There is no point of worrying about anything.

In this life journey between birth and death what matters is...... in the end whether you lived the life full of love, freedom and happiness. That is all.

People die, things change, friends and relatives leave us, you may loose your job and money, people break promises and so on.So many things could happen. See every trouble and problem come in front of you as a option/opportunity. You will not fail.

Universe has the power of creation. It has the power of making our wishes come true. Our life is like a story we have written or a picture/art we have painted.

For example when you were a child you dream becoming a doctor /healer/ saint/writer or engineer etc. and you work on  for achieving that, you make every effort to make the wish come true. Your thoughts are being focused on your wish. You write the story or you paint the picture of your wish. Ultimately it becomes a reality. This applies to every thing.

Look at your present moment in your own life and you will see what ever has happened to you has been created by your own. 

Disappointments, losses, rejections, troubles, problems and every single issue brings plenty of options in front of you to choose. You are given plenty of opportunities with any problem and never loose balance amidst anything.

Be in love, trust yourself,  be strong and centered. We all are  here with unlimited capacity as humans and never worry, upset or be sad about anything. Keep your inside unaffected what ever comes.

Make sure to paint the picture of life or write the story of life which will bring peace, love, happiness and compassion to your own self and to all others.

Always be with love. We all are created out of love and our natural state is love. The day you empty your head of all unnecessary concepts and conditions... is the day your heart will fully blossom in love. Love shows you the way ............

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

We come with full option package

You and me and all of us are coming to this earth with a package. As you know we  all are different to one another and obviously this package is also different to one another.

This can be explained as follows.

You/ me and all the humans....when we come to this earth .....we come to a place like an airport. In this air port we are given a suit and a full option package to use from birth to death. A package is given for the tour on earth. The package is being decided before we enter this world.  Who our parents would be and which country we will be born and all being decided at that point. So we come here with all credits for our life trip on earth.

The people who born in Sri Lanka , their bodies are made accordingly to this country. Also the people who born in Europe , their bodies are built according to those conditions.All these are natural wonders.

This is a pre planned journey for all of us. Nothing happens accidentally. The people who cross our path ,the places we go, the incidents we face are all meant to be met by our selves.

So we need to accept ourselves and rest of the world totally. No fighting needed. 

But there is something you /me need to take in to our heads. The package given to us need to used wisely. If you are given a knife and if you touch it in the wrong side your hand will get cut. If you are shown a lake and if you jump in to it without proper understanding about depth, you will sink. Like wise what ever the things included in your package given to you need to be used wisely.

There is a unlimited possibility and capacity which human can reach, it is included in our package. Wisdom is to direct our energies in the correct way.

The package is given for us to enjoy the trip on earth and to use what ever given to us intelligently.

What most people do is they compare their package with other's packages and instead of enjoying the trip they build their own suffering. What a illusion is this....

Is there anything to compare, compete or be jealous or hate anyone or anything? What is the point?

What we need to do is to live in this world caring and sharing. Extend love and compassion to others....

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

See the complete picture

According to different factors influences...... we all have got physical bodies different to one another. However for all of us, for the survival in this world the physical body is a necessity. Therefore we need to look after this physical body .........Remember without this body life is impossible.

That is why the physical needs should always come first. Since we live in a world where most things are completely misunderstood, mental needs has become the emperor and physical needs are given very poor attention. The result is most people are not healthy and suffering .

From the day we born to the day we die we live with this body. So can you see how important this physical body is....

We all have a responsibility look after our body and fulfill the physical needs. Examples for physical needs would be Hunger, sleep, going to the toilet, washing and cleaning, having sex etc.   

If you are hungry you should eat... if you are sleepy you need to sleep.... But if you are always all the time hungry, you have a problem in your system. If you cannot eat anything is also a problem. Also if you are always sleepy that is also a problem. If you cannot sleep in the night that is also a problem....

Now you and me need to understand that all these needs..... if excessive or zero its a real trouble. This is where we should find the balance.If everything is balanced you are balanced. If you are balanced/ your system is balanced you are peaceful, free and happy.

The physical body which you and me has got to travel in the trip on earth is like a vehicle. You know a vehicle consist of engine, wheels, gear box, seats etc.When all these parts are together and combined we call it a vehicle.

Likewise our body has parts like hands,legs, eyes, head etc.  When we take all this together it is called a human body...

Have you ever thought of what this body made out of. Body made out of five elements/cells. Cells are made out of the five elements too. Earth, water, fire, air and space. Every tiny particle of our physical body are made out of these 5 elements.

To realize this body you need to see it as a whole. You need to see the full picture.

When you see the full picture it is easy to find the center/the balance.

This is common for anything... i tell you something....if you see a part of something ... you have not seen what it is. Also if you see a one side of a person or a object you can be mislead. You need to see the complete picture. Then only you know it.

Trying to separate this body in to parts and trying to realize it ..... you cannot see the complete picture. Similarly for anything you need to see the full picture to know what it is..........

Observe and see the things and people as it is . The complete picture need to be seen....not a strand of it...start with our own body...see how it works.....

Find the balance/the center. Path towards Complete realization .........