Saturday, November 28, 2015

Closer to the heart .....

Be closer to the heart. That is where the love starts. Love is the beginning of every spiritual journey. Compassion starts from love.  

Open up the heart and you will know it has a direct connection with this universe. The reality is connected with the heart. 

We are given a mind to conduct day to day work. Because without the mind we are not able to perform any task. But mind is not the boss. Its we ourselves should tell the mind what to be done.

The love is being felt in the heart. It is boundless. There is no boundaries for the love. The waves of love spread every where.

People always talk about changing the world. In order to change the world we need to change our selves. If we wish love and compassion everywhere.... first we need to contribute for that.

The heart has a big capacity. What is being felt in the heart is felt within the every cells of body. If our heart is always in love the whole chemistry happen within our body become love.

The love can happen to us in many ways. There is no specific way for it to occur.Once happen it never leaves us.

My experience is by closely associating the Sage, my spiritual guru and living the life accordingly love blossomed in the heart. Like how  a lotus blossom.....In the dawn when the sun light touches a lotus bud ..... how a lotus flower gradually blossom.... the same way love happens in the heart.

I remember a famous saying which is universal and I realize perfectly true. Sharing below for all of us.

"Buddha was not a Buddhist, Jesus was not a  christian, Mohammed was not  a Muslim..... All their religion was LOVE"


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