Monday, November 23, 2015

Continue to be happy........

We should let our emotions to flow. Emotions control our thinking, behavior and actions. Emotions affect our physical body.. The same way our physical body affects feelings and thoughts.  

If we ignore, dismiss or repress our  emotions, we are setting ourselves up for physical illness.  Emotions that are not felt and released but buried within the body can cause serious illnesses; examples could be cancer and arthritis.

For every emotion there is a chemical reaction in our body. We all have felt this. When we are happy and in peace how our bodies know the chemistry happen within us being felt. Similarly when we feel sad or worry our body react different.

This reaction for emotions such as fear, anxiety, negativity and depression are very different and harmful. That is why it is very important to be smiling, happy, contented and loving.... Then the chemicals released from the body is different.

The body cannot lie. It is always indicating the real truth...... we all should know that.

We all need to make a decision to live in peace, at peace with ourselves. Also at peace with others. The best thing would be to avoid the situations that will create conflict and make us upset.  

Believe me............. you cannot change others, you can only change yourself. 

The only person who can change what I feel is myself. No one else. Likewise the only person can change your self is you.No one else.

No material possession can remove or release our emotions. A brand new car, a new cell phone or a new land may temporarily make us happy. But any of these things cannot change how we feel. Our emotions remain within us until we release them.

Taking care of ourselves is the greatest way we can love ourselves in a complete and healthy manner. 

And this means accepting our emotions as it is. Letting them never make them stuck within you. Remember, emotions are not good or bad.  They just are. 

Continue to be happy...maintain peace within and all around. 

As always....... balance is the way. 

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