Friday, November 6, 2015

Every problem is plenty of options

We come across plenty of reasons to be unhappy and that is why you/ me need to be very strong to face this life. 

Practice to see the positive side of every happening. So that we do not get lost in the storms that comes to us.

Life is all about balancing situations. Nothing elseWe cannot escape from the things happening. Still believe me if you have lost a opportunity that means a better arrangement than that is coming ahead. There is no point of worrying about anything.

In this life journey between birth and death what matters is...... in the end whether you lived the life full of love, freedom and happiness. That is all.

People die, things change, friends and relatives leave us, you may loose your job and money, people break promises and so on.So many things could happen. See every trouble and problem come in front of you as a option/opportunity. You will not fail.

Universe has the power of creation. It has the power of making our wishes come true. Our life is like a story we have written or a picture/art we have painted.

For example when you were a child you dream becoming a doctor /healer/ saint/writer or engineer etc. and you work on  for achieving that, you make every effort to make the wish come true. Your thoughts are being focused on your wish. You write the story or you paint the picture of your wish. Ultimately it becomes a reality. This applies to every thing.

Look at your present moment in your own life and you will see what ever has happened to you has been created by your own. 

Disappointments, losses, rejections, troubles, problems and every single issue brings plenty of options in front of you to choose. You are given plenty of opportunities with any problem and never loose balance amidst anything.

Be in love, trust yourself,  be strong and centered. We all are  here with unlimited capacity as humans and never worry, upset or be sad about anything. Keep your inside unaffected what ever comes.

Make sure to paint the picture of life or write the story of life which will bring peace, love, happiness and compassion to your own self and to all others.

Always be with love. We all are created out of love and our natural state is love. The day you empty your head of all unnecessary concepts and conditions... is the day your heart will fully blossom in love. Love shows you the way ............

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