Saturday, November 14, 2015

Past, Present and Future

The life we all have got can be full of different situations which change time to time. 

If you/me can be in the present moment here and now then the possibility of getting lost in the regrets of past and worries about the future is very less.

This does not mean that we are escaping from the life responsibilities. But keeping ourselves balanced in this moment. If you and me can look at the past by being in the present moment there could be many things for us to realize. / can gain insights about many things.

Our actions which we have done in the past has become our belongings today. Can any one escape from the consequences of own actions? This is like you are on a field of your own actions and consequences.

We all need to keep smiling, peaceful and happy no matter what situations we are going through. By doing this not only you and me but others around are benefited. If we ever wish peace for the place where we live, this is the initial basic step for that.

You/ me need to become persons of understanding. Then you will not blame, you will not start reasoning, no arguments....... but understanding. When become a person of understanding you look at every one with the eyes of love and compassion.

Our mind goes in to thousand directions at a time. Always either past, present or future. There are plenty of chances that you/me can get lost in any of this. That is why the concept "here and now" has such importance.

Past, present and future is here. When you look at yourself now all these three can be seen. 

The results of what ever the actions conducted in the past is what you own in the present. If you feel you need something different you can change your actions.

If someday if you see your own life story from the beginning to now as a movie in front of you, I'm sure you will realize what karma is.

Plant the seeds of happiness, love and compassion. The fruit will be profitable to everyone.

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