Tuesday, November 3, 2015

See the complete picture

According to different factors influences...... we all have got physical bodies different to one another. However for all of us, for the survival in this world the physical body is a necessity. Therefore we need to look after this physical body .........Remember without this body life is impossible.

That is why the physical needs should always come first. Since we live in a world where most things are completely misunderstood, mental needs has become the emperor and physical needs are given very poor attention. The result is most people are not healthy and suffering .

From the day we born to the day we die we live with this body. So can you see how important this physical body is....

We all have a responsibility look after our body and fulfill the physical needs. Examples for physical needs would be Hunger, sleep, going to the toilet, washing and cleaning, having sex etc.   

If you are hungry you should eat... if you are sleepy you need to sleep.... But if you are always all the time hungry, you have a problem in your system. If you cannot eat anything is also a problem. Also if you are always sleepy that is also a problem. If you cannot sleep in the night that is also a problem....

Now you and me need to understand that all these needs..... if excessive or zero its a real trouble. This is where we should find the balance.If everything is balanced you are balanced. If you are balanced/ your system is balanced you are peaceful, free and happy.

The physical body which you and me has got to travel in the trip on earth is like a vehicle. You know a vehicle consist of engine, wheels, gear box, seats etc.When all these parts are together and combined we call it a vehicle.

Likewise our body has parts like hands,legs, eyes, head etc.  When we take all this together it is called a human body...

Have you ever thought of what this body made out of. Body made out of five elements/cells. Cells are made out of the five elements too. Earth, water, fire, air and space. Every tiny particle of our physical body are made out of these 5 elements.

To realize this body you need to see it as a whole. You need to see the full picture.

When you see the full picture it is easy to find the center/the balance.

This is common for anything... i tell you something....if you see a part of something ... you have not seen what it is. Also if you see a one side of a person or a object you can be mislead. You need to see the complete picture. Then only you know it.

Trying to separate this body in to parts and trying to realize it ..... you cannot see the complete picture. Similarly for anything you need to see the full picture to know what it is..........

Observe and see the things and people as it is . The complete picture need to be seen....not a strand of it...start with our own body...see how it works.....

Find the balance/the center. Path towards Complete realization .........

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