Wednesday, November 4, 2015

We come with full option package

You and me and all of us are coming to this earth with a package. As you know we  all are different to one another and obviously this package is also different to one another.

This can be explained as follows.

You/ me and all the humans....when we come to this earth .....we come to a place like an airport. In this air port we are given a suit and a full option package to use from birth to death. A package is given for the tour on earth. The package is being decided before we enter this world.  Who our parents would be and which country we will be born and all being decided at that point. So we come here with all credits for our life trip on earth.

The people who born in Sri Lanka , their bodies are made accordingly to this country. Also the people who born in Europe , their bodies are built according to those conditions.All these are natural wonders.

This is a pre planned journey for all of us. Nothing happens accidentally. The people who cross our path ,the places we go, the incidents we face are all meant to be met by our selves.

So we need to accept ourselves and rest of the world totally. No fighting needed. 

But there is something you /me need to take in to our heads. The package given to us need to used wisely. If you are given a knife and if you touch it in the wrong side your hand will get cut. If you are shown a lake and if you jump in to it without proper understanding about depth, you will sink. Like wise what ever the things included in your package given to you need to be used wisely.

There is a unlimited possibility and capacity which human can reach, it is included in our package. Wisdom is to direct our energies in the correct way.

The package is given for us to enjoy the trip on earth and to use what ever given to us intelligently.

What most people do is they compare their package with other's packages and instead of enjoying the trip they build their own suffering. What a illusion is this....

Is there anything to compare, compete or be jealous or hate anyone or anything? What is the point?

What we need to do is to live in this world caring and sharing. Extend love and compassion to others....

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