Thursday, December 31, 2015

As the year of 2015 is leaving us and a New year of 2016 is coming By

We are at a dawn of beautiful New Year
Another fresh new year we are going to live ahead
This Year may we all whole heartedly wish !
To banish all sorrows, worries, doubts, and fears

To love unconditional and laugh and share what we have!
This bright new year is given to all of us
To live each day with peace and happiness . . .
To be in clarity and contentment

May we give  our Best to Everyone....
You get another opportunity to spread love and kindness
We can right wrongs, and forgive 
To pray for peace, to plant a tree, heal a heart
And say more joyful, kind words to all.

May we all well wish with our pure hearts
Love and Kindness for All..............

Love, Peace, Happiness and Compassion to All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Space and Silence

Look around and we can notice that most of our world is 
space.  The room we are sitting in is mostly containing of space.  In the night if you go out of your house and look up the sky full of stars you will see vast amount of space.

So if we travel at the speed of light to the moon it will take about 1.3 seconds. What about travelling to the nearest city or to any other country in the speed of long it will take. There is much more space than objects out there.

Not only the outside world we are also made of mostly space. Empty spaces exist between the atoms of our bodies. 

Becoming aware of the space.... can connect us to who we are. Life forms and objects are mostly space.

When we continue to do meditation we can become aware of 

Pay attention to the space around you and the silence around you. You  will feel/get connected to the stillness within yourself.

Whenever we become aware of space and silence we connect with something deeper within us. 

Experiencing the combination of silence, space and stillness is a divine feeling which you/ me and all of us are given free to experience.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Seeing the things as they are

Mostly people running away from the present and are used to live in past or future and they are not connected to the reality. 

Many people tend to control things instead of accepting. Acceptance comes out with compassion. Acceptance based on peace. The moment you try to control any thing it becomes a conflict. That is the real truth.

Awakening takes place when you start to see things as they really are. 

When a day you find out/realize what is really going on that day everything changes. You connect to the reality and realization dawn in your consciousness.

Since most of us in today's world working with programmed minds, we do not understand that we are wonders of the existence.

Our understanding of the reality has become very limited mainly due to foolish pride which means the ego we have. People are fallen in to a deep slumber because of power, desires and materialistic possession issues. 

People are boasting about the technological advancements in today's world and what it can do and about automated systems etc...It is nothing wrong with these systems or advancements. When see the reality we can know that humans are loosing their awareness day by day. Also further we can see this is a like a comparison between human consciousness and low level control mechanisms. Machines cannot surpass human consciousness.

As humans we need to realize our true divine nature and manifest it. Than creating wealth and advancement we need to be focused to create well being.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Pure Consciousness....

If we have a purified body, mind and emotions we are exposed to experience unlimited possibilities as a human being.

In Buddhism there are plenty of practical ways for us to experience pure consciousness. Ultimate goal of Meditation , Yoga, breathing exercises and  living according to five precepts and Noble eight fold path all are there to help us to discover pure consciousness. 

Now for a moment think what happens when we meditate or do yoga......we consciously experience our inner self. Meditative state is like a conscious sleep. Getting connected to "samadhi" we can experience the unity of "creation and the consciousness". If simply explain.... state of consciously enjoying love.

Existence is created out of love and we all are created of love. Love has the power of creation. In other words the creative energy is love. If we can consciously experience the creation it is a divine experience. The energy of creation and consciousness both exist within each and every one of us. Enjoying and experiencing this creation consciously.........It is like merging love energy with cosmic consciousness.

When we are purely filled with real love/compassion inside and live accordingly the feelings of heart.... the waves of love will start spreading all over........Love has the capacity of over coming states that cloud the clarity of mind and manifest unwholesome actions.

Opening the heart with real love exposes us to limitless possible experiences. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Reality and Creations

Our own lives are our own creation. Imagine you have white board, different color of paints and a paint brush. Now you are going to paint a picture. You are the creator of that painting. You decide which colors to use , what kind of a scene you are going to draw etc. Final outcome picture is your creation.

The same way different people create different life paintings. The picture is in front of us once created. Our life picture which created by our own is in front of us. Whether it is a paint generating love, happiness,peace or what ever its our own creation.

This universe is magical.It grants us what we wish.  In this universe there are many colors, pencils and boards. What picture you are going to create is your own choice.

Now lets think you want to go to Switzerland. First it comes to you as a thought. Then you need to make some effort to make it happen. You need to get the passport done then the visa approval. Then you need to see whether you have enough money for the trip. Finally you book the flight and you have to go to the airport and get in to the flight and land in Switzerland.

There is a never ending process for every happening in the physical world. In the beginning it appears as a thought in you and it comes to physical reality.... this is how something happen in the physical world.

But there is a difference in the spiritual process. When we go in the spiritual journey it is always you will realize something only after you experience it. You cannot think, imagine and experiment and through knowledge never can realize anything like in science. You definitely need to experience it. For instance how much explain the state of samadhi to anybody, they will never realize it unless that person also have experienced it. But you can read hundreds and thousands of books and get knowledge about it. That knowledge is not realization.

Every one of us have creative skills. My idea is this creativeness should come out. When you paint  a picture or when you write a poem or design a house or compose music or dancing etc. in every creative process there is a ultimate result as  it helps you to understand the reality. Creativity can awaken you. 

My experience is recently I have designed a website on my own. While designing it I had to go through a kind of huge process. Including of the colors,pictures, gadgets, links, coding and texts etc. How many times I had to delete and reset until it came up as final product. When the final output emerged it was not just i designed it but I have realized lots of things too.

Creativity has the ability to awaken us. 

We all need to stand on the reality. Not in any fantasy worlds. Reality is the state you see how things actually exist and work. Reality includes everything which is and has been.

Life is a reality to be experienced....Let reality be reality. Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.

A person who realize and stand on the reality will become a source of love and compassion. Reality is created out of love. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Here and Now -Complete Joy

Most people are sacrificing the present moment for the future. You/me and all of us are like that sometimes. 

But believe me life is only available in the present  moment. We are only available only here and now. That is the reason why we should walk and act in such a way that each and every step to bring us to here and now.

All of us fear that this present moment will come to an end. Mostly many of us fear for the reasons such as we will not get what we need, we will loose what we love, or we will not be safe etc. But the biggest fear lies within us is some day our bodies will stop functioning.

These are the reasons most of the people are no enjoying the complete joy.

All you have to do is to connect to the present. There you can experience the lively feeling of happiness.

When you are completely in the present, here and now you can enjoy the complete joy. Past, present and future and all exist here and now.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Conditions and Habits

Health and lifestyle are greatly influenced by our own conditions and habits as well as  society's social, economic, environmental and cultural conditions.

According to my recent understanding most people are not happy and not well due to the conditions they themselves has set for themselves and habits they cannot get rid of. People are unable to get rid of the conditions and habits.

I will tell you an example. Think of a piece of land cultivated with grass. No one is benefited or taking use of it. But if you cultivate flower plants/vegetables or fruits in the same land what will happen?  Like wise our   habits and conditions can be replaced with new ways.

There are so many people stressed out with their life. No balance and always complaining. Why?

They are out of balance. They have put too many conditions to themselves and they have no guts to see the light out there.

If you feel tired you should rest, if you feel hungry you should eat, if you feel thirsty you need to drink something. Simple as that. Never ever suppress your feelings due to any conditions. If you do that there is a possibility you may become ill.

There are plenty of simple ways to be happy unconditionally.Do what you like, what makes you happy. If you are unable to sit in one place and meditate start from habits such as cleaning your house, garden etc. That can be an initiation. Live in an atmosphere which comforts you. Surround yourself with people who can lift up your energy.

Most of the habits can be modified with a bit of effort if we make ourselves aware of what we are doing.

We need to live our lives without any harm to ourselves as well as to the other people in this world. What ever the habits or conditions that makes you unhappy and other people... its time to change them.

Beginning of every day wish that may I be happy  and well and may all others be happy and well. 

We need more and more compassionate hearts full of love every corners of this world......................

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Send out love and kindness.........

In the space we have taken a space according the sizes of our body. That differs to one another. 
We are not just the physical body.

My understanding is we are taking more space than our body size. Because we become expanded.

For example imagine you are a candle. If you light up the candle in a dark room. See how far the light spreads. The light energy is being sent out in different directions. Like wise we all are sending out many vibrations same like the light rays.

The vibrations we send out are going so far. Also these vibrations are going in different directions.

If you say something kind and generous those vibrations will go allover. And with those vibrations you yourself is being gone.

Think of a fragrance, light, heat,sound or any other energy form. These energies are not limited or squared in a box. These energies travel in all the directions. 

We humans are also consist of a energy body. What ever the energy we send out are being spread and sent in all directions.

That is why it is very important to give love and kindness out. 

Our thoughts, emotions, words, actions are being spread and energies sent allover.

We can follow simple methods below to send out good vibrations allover.
Being happy and in present moment
Having a greatful and thankful attitude
Appreciating more
Meditating every day
Doing yoga every morning
Breathing Exercises
Listening to some relaxation music /beautiful chanting every day
Helping in need whichever the way you are able to

In other  words we are what we send out. Isn't it?