Sunday, December 6, 2015

Conditions and Habits

Health and lifestyle are greatly influenced by our own conditions and habits as well as  society's social, economic, environmental and cultural conditions.

According to my recent understanding most people are not happy and not well due to the conditions they themselves has set for themselves and habits they cannot get rid of. People are unable to get rid of the conditions and habits.

I will tell you an example. Think of a piece of land cultivated with grass. No one is benefited or taking use of it. But if you cultivate flower plants/vegetables or fruits in the same land what will happen?  Like wise our   habits and conditions can be replaced with new ways.

There are so many people stressed out with their life. No balance and always complaining. Why?

They are out of balance. They have put too many conditions to themselves and they have no guts to see the light out there.

If you feel tired you should rest, if you feel hungry you should eat, if you feel thirsty you need to drink something. Simple as that. Never ever suppress your feelings due to any conditions. If you do that there is a possibility you may become ill.

There are plenty of simple ways to be happy unconditionally.Do what you like, what makes you happy. If you are unable to sit in one place and meditate start from habits such as cleaning your house, garden etc. That can be an initiation. Live in an atmosphere which comforts you. Surround yourself with people who can lift up your energy.

Most of the habits can be modified with a bit of effort if we make ourselves aware of what we are doing.

We need to live our lives without any harm to ourselves as well as to the other people in this world. What ever the habits or conditions that makes you unhappy and other people... its time to change them.

Beginning of every day wish that may I be happy  and well and may all others be happy and well. 

We need more and more compassionate hearts full of love every corners of this world......................

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