Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Here and Now -Complete Joy

Most people are sacrificing the present moment for the future. You/me and all of us are like that sometimes. 

But believe me life is only available in the present  moment. We are only available only here and now. That is the reason why we should walk and act in such a way that each and every step to bring us to here and now.

All of us fear that this present moment will come to an end. Mostly many of us fear for the reasons such as we will not get what we need, we will loose what we love, or we will not be safe etc. But the biggest fear lies within us is some day our bodies will stop functioning.

These are the reasons most of the people are no enjoying the complete joy.

All you have to do is to connect to the present. There you can experience the lively feeling of happiness.

When you are completely in the present, here and now you can enjoy the complete joy. Past, present and future and all exist here and now.

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