Friday, December 18, 2015

Pure Consciousness....

If we have a purified body, mind and emotions we are exposed to experience unlimited possibilities as a human being.

In Buddhism there are plenty of practical ways for us to experience pure consciousness. Ultimate goal of Meditation , Yoga, breathing exercises and  living according to five precepts and Noble eight fold path all are there to help us to discover pure consciousness. 

Now for a moment think what happens when we meditate or do yoga......we consciously experience our inner self. Meditative state is like a conscious sleep. Getting connected to "samadhi" we can experience the unity of "creation and the consciousness". If simply explain.... state of consciously enjoying love.

Existence is created out of love and we all are created of love. Love has the power of creation. In other words the creative energy is love. If we can consciously experience the creation it is a divine experience. The energy of creation and consciousness both exist within each and every one of us. Enjoying and experiencing this creation consciously.........It is like merging love energy with cosmic consciousness.

When we are purely filled with real love/compassion inside and live accordingly the feelings of heart.... the waves of love will start spreading all over........Love has the capacity of over coming states that cloud the clarity of mind and manifest unwholesome actions.

Opening the heart with real love exposes us to limitless possible experiences. 

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