Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Reality and Creations

Our own lives are our own creation. Imagine you have white board, different color of paints and a paint brush. Now you are going to paint a picture. You are the creator of that painting. You decide which colors to use , what kind of a scene you are going to draw etc. Final outcome picture is your creation.

The same way different people create different life paintings. The picture is in front of us once created. Our life picture which created by our own is in front of us. Whether it is a paint generating love, happiness,peace or what ever its our own creation.

This universe is magical.It grants us what we wish.  In this universe there are many colors, pencils and boards. What picture you are going to create is your own choice.

Now lets think you want to go to Switzerland. First it comes to you as a thought. Then you need to make some effort to make it happen. You need to get the passport done then the visa approval. Then you need to see whether you have enough money for the trip. Finally you book the flight and you have to go to the airport and get in to the flight and land in Switzerland.

There is a never ending process for every happening in the physical world. In the beginning it appears as a thought in you and it comes to physical reality.... this is how something happen in the physical world.

But there is a difference in the spiritual process. When we go in the spiritual journey it is always you will realize something only after you experience it. You cannot think, imagine and experiment and through knowledge never can realize anything like in science. You definitely need to experience it. For instance how much explain the state of samadhi to anybody, they will never realize it unless that person also have experienced it. But you can read hundreds and thousands of books and get knowledge about it. That knowledge is not realization.

Every one of us have creative skills. My idea is this creativeness should come out. When you paint  a picture or when you write a poem or design a house or compose music or dancing etc. in every creative process there is a ultimate result as  it helps you to understand the reality. Creativity can awaken you. 

My experience is recently I have designed a website on my own. While designing it I had to go through a kind of huge process. Including of the colors,pictures, gadgets, links, coding and texts etc. How many times I had to delete and reset until it came up as final product. When the final output emerged it was not just i designed it but I have realized lots of things too.

Creativity has the ability to awaken us. 

We all need to stand on the reality. Not in any fantasy worlds. Reality is the state you see how things actually exist and work. Reality includes everything which is and has been.

Life is a reality to be experienced....Let reality be reality. Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.

A person who realize and stand on the reality will become a source of love and compassion. Reality is created out of love. 

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