Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Seeing the things as they are

Mostly people running away from the present and are used to live in past or future and they are not connected to the reality. 

Many people tend to control things instead of accepting. Acceptance comes out with compassion. Acceptance based on peace. The moment you try to control any thing it becomes a conflict. That is the real truth.

Awakening takes place when you start to see things as they really are. 

When a day you find out/realize what is really going on that day everything changes. You connect to the reality and realization dawn in your consciousness.

Since most of us in today's world working with programmed minds, we do not understand that we are wonders of the existence.

Our understanding of the reality has become very limited mainly due to foolish pride which means the ego we have. People are fallen in to a deep slumber because of power, desires and materialistic possession issues. 

People are boasting about the technological advancements in today's world and what it can do and about automated systems etc...It is nothing wrong with these systems or advancements. When see the reality we can know that humans are loosing their awareness day by day. Also further we can see this is a like a comparison between human consciousness and low level control mechanisms. Machines cannot surpass human consciousness.

As humans we need to realize our true divine nature and manifest it. Than creating wealth and advancement we need to be focused to create well being.

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