Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Send out love and kindness.........

In the space we have taken a space according the sizes of our body. That differs to one another. 
We are not just the physical body.

My understanding is we are taking more space than our body size. Because we become expanded.

For example imagine you are a candle. If you light up the candle in a dark room. See how far the light spreads. The light energy is being sent out in different directions. Like wise we all are sending out many vibrations same like the light rays.

The vibrations we send out are going so far. Also these vibrations are going in different directions.

If you say something kind and generous those vibrations will go allover. And with those vibrations you yourself is being gone.

Think of a fragrance, light, heat,sound or any other energy form. These energies are not limited or squared in a box. These energies travel in all the directions. 

We humans are also consist of a energy body. What ever the energy we send out are being spread and sent in all directions.

That is why it is very important to give love and kindness out. 

Our thoughts, emotions, words, actions are being spread and energies sent allover.

We can follow simple methods below to send out good vibrations allover.
Being happy and in present moment
Having a greatful and thankful attitude
Appreciating more
Meditating every day
Doing yoga every morning
Breathing Exercises
Listening to some relaxation music /beautiful chanting every day
Helping in need whichever the way you are able to

In other  words we are what we send out. Isn't it? 

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  1. Beautiful words shared. Stay blessed


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