Saturday, December 26, 2015

Space and Silence

Look around and we can notice that most of our world is 
space.  The room we are sitting in is mostly containing of space.  In the night if you go out of your house and look up the sky full of stars you will see vast amount of space.

So if we travel at the speed of light to the moon it will take about 1.3 seconds. What about travelling to the nearest city or to any other country in the speed of long it will take. There is much more space than objects out there.

Not only the outside world we are also made of mostly space. Empty spaces exist between the atoms of our bodies. 

Becoming aware of the space.... can connect us to who we are. Life forms and objects are mostly space.

When we continue to do meditation we can become aware of 

Pay attention to the space around you and the silence around you. You  will feel/get connected to the stillness within yourself.

Whenever we become aware of space and silence we connect with something deeper within us. 

Experiencing the combination of silence, space and stillness is a divine feeling which you/ me and all of us are given free to experience.

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