Friday, January 29, 2016

Right and Wrong

All of us are in different states of evolution. That is why we all are different to one another.How we think, how we see things, how we understand things etc all that is different to one another.. 

So that how a person see right and wrong could be entirely different from another person. 

I cannot point somebody and say this is right and that is wrong. Because what is right for me could be wrong to the other person. Right and wrong is a relative thing. We all see and comment on things according to our own understanding. It may be right may be wrong.

Actually there is no right or wrong may be. It is a relative thing. 

We cannot judge right and wrongness about any other person. Because we can see everything changes every time. Can never expect the same person or a thing from yesterday even tomorrow.

But there is a truth, according to our own actions the consequences will follow us and as humans our existence should contribute to the well being of our own self as well as other beings.  

Our heart should be gentle as a rose petal filled in love and compassion, but also we have to be very strong and patient to realize the true nature of everything.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Feel Blessed

Remind every day that
We are all blessed
Blessed with the, 
Warmth and light of the sun
Tenderness of the moon
Love in our hearts
Peace in our soul
Kindness of our words
Purity of our thoughts
Humbleness of our actions
Greatfulness of our looks
Freedom and happiness of our lives......

The journey we are on 
We can make it either blessed or miserable
With our own choices.....

If we are feeling blessed.... that means we are rich
Rich with Love, Peace, Happiness and Freedom :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Living with Balance

We have to be gentle with our lives. Share love and compassion more with others. We are all just merely strands in this universe. We are not more than a tree, river or a mountain in this universe. Everything is equal and we are part of everything.

As every computer has an IP address, Each of us are also having a universal address. Unfortunately most people have lost this universal address and they are on a continuous race chasing something. 

First step to get connected who we are is by becoming ourselves. When our heads are full of the opinions and theories of other people and if we are imitating some one else..... that is the main reason for loosing ourselves.

If you know what you are doing and where  you are going you yourself is confident. No one knows completely about any one else. Only you yourself knows you.  

The fear disappears when you are exactly sure what  you are doing and where you are going. Why people are afraid most of the times ? Because they do not know really where they are going or what they are doing. They have lost the address. What happens when the address is lost.... the mails being sent to original you are being lost. Isn't it?

If you are thinking something else, saying something very different to what you thought and act in a entirely different are in a real mess. No address situation. This is a great example for loosing balance .......thoughts, deeds, words all should go together. When balance occurs, peace and happiness will come to us.

To stand on reality and face the reality with balance and peace.... we need to be very strong and the fear should disappear. 

There are ways to find complete balance such as yoga and meditation. Complete balance makes us fearless. Time to time wise yogis come to this world to show us the ways of finding balance and happiness. They show us the way and purify this system. As I have met a wise yogi in this life and realized lots of things. 

As per him "Only if we are physically, mentally and spiritually balanced we can function at the full capacity as a human being".

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

ඔබට /මට නුවණැසින් දකින්නට යමක්

මට හමු වූ එක්තරා විදේශයක කාන්තාවක් මෙසේ පවසන ලදි.

"මා තරුණ වියේදීම යෝගා සහ භාවනා කෙරෙහි යොමු වීම නිසා අනෙක් අය නොවිදින තරම් පැහැදිලි සැනසීමක් මට ලැබී ඇත. මේ ලෝකයේ පවතින කිසිවක් මට අතාරින්නට උවමනාවක්ද නැත-මක් නිසාද යත්  මා විසින් කිසිම දෙයක් අල්ලාගෙන නැත. මේ මහ පොළව මත මා ඇවිදින්නේ ඉතා සැහැල්ලුවෙනි. ඔසවාගෙන යන්නට බර පොදියක් මට නැත. හදවත පුරා උතුරා යන සැබෑ ආදරයක් පමනක් ඇත. තනතුරු, මිල මුදල්, එක් රැස් කිරීමේ ආශාවක් එසේත් නැත්නම් ගේ දොර, ඉඩ කඩම් ආදී කිසිවක් ගැන තන්හාවක් හෝ ආශාවක් ඇත්තේම නැත. පැවැත්ම උදෙසා රැකියාවක් කරන අතර බැඳීම් නිසා හට ගත් ගැටුම් කිසිවක්ද නැත. අවශ්‍ය අවස්තාවන් හිදී ලැබෙන දේවල් භුක්ති වින්දත් ඒ සියල්ල ඒ මොහොතේ පමණි. ඉදිරියට ගෙන යාමක් නැත.

ජීව්ත් වීම මට ගැටලුවක් නොවේ. ඊලඟ මොහොතේ මරණය මා කරා පැමිණියද එහි කිසිම ගැටලුවක් මට නැත. අත්හැර යාමට බැරි තරමේ කිසිවක් මා එක් රැස් කරගෙන නැත. බිය වීමට කිසිවක්ද මට නැත.බය හට ගන්නේ යම් යම් දේ නැති වේ යයි හිතෙන නිසා වෙනි.. එවැනි නැති වීමට දෙයක් මට නැත. නොදන්නා දේ නොදන්නා බව කීමට තරම් ආත්ම විශ්වාසයක් මට ඇත. 

මා අත් කරගත් මේ සැනසීම අන් අයටත් විඳීමට ලැබේවා යයි මම නිරතුරු ප්‍රාර්ථනා කරමි. මා තව දුර යා යුතුව ඇත.පැමිණි ගමනේ මේ මොහොතේ දැනෙන පැහැදිලි සතුට මේ ආකාර නම් නිර්වානය කොතරම් පරම සැපතක් විය යුතුද?"

ඔබට /මට නුවණැසින් දකින්නට යමක්.....................

Thursday, January 14, 2016

As the sun rays touch a lotus....

Like the clear blue sky
Without clouds
May our minds also be clear.....

Like our dear mother earth
Who bears us on her
May be become stronger and Patient....

Like the songs of little birds
Who sings happily every morning
May our words be gentle and pure.......

Like the full moon 
Gives light to the dark night
May we become a light of love.....

Like the dew drops on a lotus petal
May we become gentle and pure......

Like the lotus bloom 
By the gentle touch of sun rays
May we stand on reality
And be at complete bliss.

Always.....I mean all the ways ♥♥♥
May we be in love,peace,happiness and freedom :)

Finding balance...............

If you are ill....... that means you are not balanced. 

Balance means not just in our body, but also in our mind and spirit. Physical balance, mental balance and spiritual balance together gives you complete balance. Being healthy is a gift. That is why it is called health is wealth.

Main cause for ill-heath is imbalance. If you loose your health that says lots of things about you. In simple words that says something is wrong somewhere.May be you are not living in a right place, you may be not doing right job, may be your surroundings trouble you...there can be various reasons.

If such situation ever occurs do not think twice to take action to find balance. No body else can make you balanced or take decisions on your behalf. Its you yourself ......and you need to find the balance in every situation.That is wise.

You are balanced means not only you are healthy, everything around you is healthy.

If you need to live in this world.... you have to be very strong. The stronger you are.... it will be easy for you to find balance. What I mean by strong is inner strength.

The universe is the example for a perfectly  balanced system. So naturally everything included in this universe is balanced. Our nature is to be balanced.

If you are feeling free, happy, healthy,peaceful, and feeling aliveness...indicates that you are balanced. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Inner Peace

As the sun rays
Dispels darkness with its light
May I  light up my path
And right my ways....

As the warmth of sun
Makes me warm and joyful
May I be in Love
And enrich my spirit....

As the energy of sun
Gives life to everything
May I find the
Light of inner peace within....


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Getting Out of duality

You and I need to realize that until the time our mind is in duality we are in trouble. You/I cannot function properly in this way. If we are questioning ourselves are we going east? or are we going west? If we cannot decide which way we are going.....definitely we will just sit and wait somewhere.We will neither go to the east or the west.This is called the duality of our mind.

Duality is a waste of time and this life is a gift to be happy and loving every second.  

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Absolute Poem

I'm the one whose breath expands to the eager lungs of the Universe.
Ageless, deathless, formless...yet I manifest myself in many forms.
I am the incarnate of my own shadow,for it is I who breathe in my own reflections. 
I define Time and Space with my own rules, and put Causation
as my illusion.
 My essence is simple in meaning, but hard to grasp.
 Engraved within layers of unfathomable Love. A sole adventurer in my own realm.
Spanning between sentience to insentience, I watch my creations entertain with delight. 
An Universal Artist, with the barren void as my canvas, 
I give life to the void with
my creations, frame after frame and endlessly
my paintbrush delivers, and within a moment a thousand images die and reborn in the living canvas, 
and I who never tires, just creates and creates until all the point in space is alive with my love and blessings. 
From each single rock to the most enlightened soul,I was, I am, I will be.
no mind, no form, no thoughts, no feelings, I only exist.
From singularity to Infinity, I am the one
From birth to death, I am present
From nothingness to Absolute, I am there.
Omnipresent I, the single being who governs all existence, and when I am satisfied with my play, 
I consume the whole of Creation, emptying the void as it was, to transform my realm into an abode of bliss.
To peace, my ultimate Home.

By:Miraj Raha

Sunday, January 10, 2016

We are part of everything

At the beautiful morning sun rise
Step out 
Feel the warmth of the first rays of the sun 
Touch of the sweet breeze blowing 
Enjoy the coolness of the water flowing in the body
Listen to the music of little birds 
Look at the dazzling dew dancing on grass
Walk in bare feet 
Experience the ground
Remember that we are blessed with love
Be thankful for being alive and healthy
Breathe and Enjoy...... :)
Expand in to Love
Get connected
Become united
You will know your real self
You find out we are part of everything :)

Treasure Book- Treasury of Truth


What ever your religion is , Which ever the country you are born or Who ever the gods you believe , What ever the culture you belong to ...that does not matter.....there is a book we all must read and practice. I would call it a solutions book. In other words book of of wisdom. 

This book is Dhammapada.

The situations of lives does not remain the same. As a river flows till it meets the ocean. During this journey river passes mountains, forests, cities and rocks etc. Like that our life also goes on with different situations. If you seek answers for any life situations or a problem refer this book.

So far I have not come across any other such book of practical guidance and wisdom. What ever we face, what ever we go through is nothing new. Since ancient times from the birth to death these kind of situations have crossed our lives. All these are written in this book in a simple understanding way.

These words were spoken originally by the Buddha on various occasions. Actually Dhammapada makes the way of truth available to anyone.

As profound expressions of practical spirituality, each verse is a guideline to rightful living. A person who will earnestly practice the teachings found in Dhammapada will definitely taste the bliss of emancipation

Due to it's immense importance, it has been translated in to numerous languages. It is not to be read once and thrown away, but to refer time to time and with the flow of life.So I Invite all whoever sees or reads this post, with heart full of compassion.......may you read this book and see. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Developed Minds With No Heart...What is the point?


People with developed minds and no heart .... that is what the current situation of this society is. They are so proud of the skills and education they have ....unfortunately most of them do not have human qualities or kind hearts.Most of them are heartless only focused to gather materialistic things.

What is the point of being born as human and your mind works but heart doesn't work.......I of course do not see such people as complete.

Both needs to go parallel. Believe me. When you work according to your heart it is the way. Mind can mislead you. 

We do need our mind to get things done. Of course when you do become a multi skilled, talented, educated person how great!!!!!!!! But remember to continue life with a big heart. Conscience has a direct connection to the heart. If you wish a life with no regrets.... live according to heart. Heart feels, mind only thinks. Feeling is correct, thought is not.

As most of the people, if you become mind developed and are sure to regret some day. These kind of people see things only in one aspect and they are very limited even though they think they are expanded.

We humans have unlimited capacity and can expand in endless possibilities.... there are common qualities of people that can be seen in this society. They are utterly concerned only of the benefits and materialistic gathering, they use others as slaves to get their work done, they have no time to enjoy life, even though lived for years actually they haven't lived. Kind words, compassion, sympathy, love cannot be seen in them.

Honestly the problem lies because many among us has forgotten ....that every other being is like our selves. When we are hurt we feel sad and the same way it occurs for every body. Even a tree or a insect... has life. 

Incomplete.....isn't it? beauty lies with love and compassion. If your intelligence and talents can be directed towards the well being of your own self and others as well of course.. that is... we need it today.

Enjoy and live happily in this moment to the fullest. Be rich with money as well as good qualities.

Ask from your self? Are we here forever? What is the purpose? Where are we going? These questions open up your heart.............

Open your heart and live.............. that way we contribute to reduce the suffering of ourselves as well as others.

Lord Buddha said "Way is in the Heart".  Exactly it is the supreme truth.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Seekers of True Happiness

There are so many reasons that cause suffering in this world. You and me need to be aware of this. We need to be committed to practice generosity in our thoughts,speech and actions. Every day determine that you/me will not steal and not to possess anything that belong to others.

We shall share our time, energy and resources with the people in need..... We need to practice and see the happiness or suffering of others are not separate from our own happiness and suffering.

Honestly true happiness is not practical or possible without compassion. As most people do if we also run after money, fame, power and too much sensual pleasures it may bring suffering to us. 

We need to be aware our true happiness does bot depend on external conditions. We can be happy simply by realizing that we have enough conditions to be happy this moment.

May we be committed to practice right livelihood , so we can help the rest of others to reduce the suffering and bring happiness to them.

With our compassion we attain true happiness and may we help others to be truly happy too.