Saturday, January 9, 2016

Developed Minds With No Heart...What is the point?


People with developed minds and no heart .... that is what the current situation of this society is. They are so proud of the skills and education they have ....unfortunately most of them do not have human qualities or kind hearts.Most of them are heartless only focused to gather materialistic things.

What is the point of being born as human and your mind works but heart doesn't work.......I of course do not see such people as complete.

Both needs to go parallel. Believe me. When you work according to your heart it is the way. Mind can mislead you. 

We do need our mind to get things done. Of course when you do become a multi skilled, talented, educated person how great!!!!!!!! But remember to continue life with a big heart. Conscience has a direct connection to the heart. If you wish a life with no regrets.... live according to heart. Heart feels, mind only thinks. Feeling is correct, thought is not.

As most of the people, if you become mind developed and are sure to regret some day. These kind of people see things only in one aspect and they are very limited even though they think they are expanded.

We humans have unlimited capacity and can expand in endless possibilities.... there are common qualities of people that can be seen in this society. They are utterly concerned only of the benefits and materialistic gathering, they use others as slaves to get their work done, they have no time to enjoy life, even though lived for years actually they haven't lived. Kind words, compassion, sympathy, love cannot be seen in them.

Honestly the problem lies because many among us has forgotten ....that every other being is like our selves. When we are hurt we feel sad and the same way it occurs for every body. Even a tree or a insect... has life. 

Incomplete.....isn't it? beauty lies with love and compassion. If your intelligence and talents can be directed towards the well being of your own self and others as well of course.. that is... we need it today.

Enjoy and live happily in this moment to the fullest. Be rich with money as well as good qualities.

Ask from your self? Are we here forever? What is the purpose? Where are we going? These questions open up your heart.............

Open your heart and live.............. that way we contribute to reduce the suffering of ourselves as well as others.

Lord Buddha said "Way is in the Heart".  Exactly it is the supreme truth.

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