Thursday, January 14, 2016

Finding balance...............

If you are ill....... that means you are not balanced. 

Balance means not just in our body, but also in our mind and spirit. Physical balance, mental balance and spiritual balance together gives you complete balance. Being healthy is a gift. That is why it is called health is wealth.

Main cause for ill-heath is imbalance. If you loose your health that says lots of things about you. In simple words that says something is wrong somewhere.May be you are not living in a right place, you may be not doing right job, may be your surroundings trouble you...there can be various reasons.

If such situation ever occurs do not think twice to take action to find balance. No body else can make you balanced or take decisions on your behalf. Its you yourself ......and you need to find the balance in every situation.That is wise.

You are balanced means not only you are healthy, everything around you is healthy.

If you need to live in this world.... you have to be very strong. The stronger you are.... it will be easy for you to find balance. What I mean by strong is inner strength.

The universe is the example for a perfectly  balanced system. So naturally everything included in this universe is balanced. Our nature is to be balanced.

If you are feeling free, happy, healthy,peaceful, and feeling aliveness...indicates that you are balanced. 

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