Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Living with Balance

We have to be gentle with our lives. Share love and compassion more with others. We are all just merely strands in this universe. We are not more than a tree, river or a mountain in this universe. Everything is equal and we are part of everything.

As every computer has an IP address, Each of us are also having a universal address. Unfortunately most people have lost this universal address and they are on a continuous race chasing something. 

First step to get connected who we are is by becoming ourselves. When our heads are full of the opinions and theories of other people and if we are imitating some one else..... that is the main reason for loosing ourselves.

If you know what you are doing and where  you are going you yourself is confident. No one knows completely about any one else. Only you yourself knows you.  

The fear disappears when you are exactly sure what  you are doing and where you are going. Why people are afraid most of the times ? Because they do not know really where they are going or what they are doing. They have lost the address. What happens when the address is lost.... the mails being sent to original you are being lost. Isn't it?

If you are thinking something else, saying something very different to what you thought and act in a entirely different way....you are in a real mess. No address situation. This is a great example for loosing balance .......thoughts, deeds, words all should go together. When balance occurs, peace and happiness will come to us.

To stand on reality and face the reality with balance and peace.... we need to be very strong and the fear should disappear. 

There are ways to find complete balance such as yoga and meditation. Complete balance makes us fearless. Time to time wise yogis come to this world to show us the ways of finding balance and happiness. They show us the way and purify this system. As I have met a wise yogi in this life and realized lots of things. 

As per him "Only if we are physically, mentally and spiritually balanced we can function at the full capacity as a human being".

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