Friday, January 29, 2016

Right and Wrong

All of us are in different states of evolution. That is why we all are different to one another.How we think, how we see things, how we understand things etc all that is different to one another.. 

So that how a person see right and wrong could be entirely different from another person. 

I cannot point somebody and say this is right and that is wrong. Because what is right for me could be wrong to the other person. Right and wrong is a relative thing. We all see and comment on things according to our own understanding. It may be right may be wrong.

Actually there is no right or wrong may be. It is a relative thing. 

We cannot judge right and wrongness about any other person. Because we can see everything changes every time. Can never expect the same person or a thing from yesterday even tomorrow.

But there is a truth, according to our own actions the consequences will follow us and as humans our existence should contribute to the well being of our own self as well as other beings.  

Our heart should be gentle as a rose petal filled in love and compassion, but also we have to be very strong and patient to realize the true nature of everything.

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