Sunday, January 3, 2016

Seekers of True Happiness

There are so many reasons that cause suffering in this world. You and me need to be aware of this. We need to be committed to practice generosity in our thoughts,speech and actions. Every day determine that you/me will not steal and not to possess anything that belong to others.

We shall share our time, energy and resources with the people in need..... We need to practice and see the happiness or suffering of others are not separate from our own happiness and suffering.

Honestly true happiness is not practical or possible without compassion. As most people do if we also run after money, fame, power and too much sensual pleasures it may bring suffering to us. 

We need to be aware our true happiness does bot depend on external conditions. We can be happy simply by realizing that we have enough conditions to be happy this moment.

May we be committed to practice right livelihood , so we can help the rest of others to reduce the suffering and bring happiness to them.

With our compassion we attain true happiness and may we help others to be truly happy too. 

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