Monday, January 11, 2016

The Absolute Poem

I'm the one whose breath expands to the eager lungs of the Universe.
Ageless, deathless, formless...yet I manifest myself in many forms.
I am the incarnate of my own shadow,for it is I who breathe in my own reflections. 
I define Time and Space with my own rules, and put Causation
as my illusion.
 My essence is simple in meaning, but hard to grasp.
 Engraved within layers of unfathomable Love. A sole adventurer in my own realm.
Spanning between sentience to insentience, I watch my creations entertain with delight. 
An Universal Artist, with the barren void as my canvas, 
I give life to the void with
my creations, frame after frame and endlessly
my paintbrush delivers, and within a moment a thousand images die and reborn in the living canvas, 
and I who never tires, just creates and creates until all the point in space is alive with my love and blessings. 
From each single rock to the most enlightened soul,I was, I am, I will be.
no mind, no form, no thoughts, no feelings, I only exist.
From singularity to Infinity, I am the one
From birth to death, I am present
From nothingness to Absolute, I am there.
Omnipresent I, the single being who governs all existence, and when I am satisfied with my play, 
I consume the whole of Creation, emptying the void as it was, to transform my realm into an abode of bliss.
To peace, my ultimate Home.

By:Miraj Raha

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